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I stumbled on Dolores Cannon’s work while sewing fairies on the island of Maui 2015 or 2016 and fell in love with her work. I watched every youtube video and read many of her books. Absolutely fascinating; truly a visionary and pioneer. While I always wanted a session for myself the stars never aligned, then Autumn who I had met years ago came into my shop and asked if I ever heard of QHHT. My eyeballs nearly popped out of my head at what synchronicity was occurring. 

Immediately we booked a session and although I followed Dolores I was not sure what to expect. Autumn and the entire process was incredibly comfortable and professional. She has excellent intuition to guide you during the session. 

I listen to my recording often and each time pick up a pearl of wisdom from my subconscious who by the way is hilarious. The information I received offered confirmation of what I had an idea of and also brought much knowledge into my awareness. 

We have been conditioned to always look outside of our ourselves for answers and this modality shifts to truly searching for answers/information from within. 

I highly recommend Autumn and look forward to hosting past life group sessions at Unicorn Square! 
These are the most exciting times to be living in!!!!
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Wild Horses

There are not enough superlatives to describe my QHHT session with Autumn. The entire 6 hours she was very professional but warm and assuring. When she came I had only met her a couple of times. When she left she was a dear friend.

This being my very first experience with past life regression, I was unsure what to expect. For quite some time however, I have been on a quest to discover my life's purpose. During this incredible journey I was given validation that I am indeed on my path and I was awakened to all the events and synchronicities that have been happening to me. At the end of the session I was transformed into a different person. I now know I am more powerful than I ever realized and I am here to speak my truth and make the world a better place. 

My deepest gratitude to you, Autumn.


Audry Golewski

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

My experience with Autumn was one I will never forget. Not only is she great at holding space for you but she also gives you an unbiased insight into your life. The QHHT session is a rare opportunity to have a glimpse into your past lives that your soul has experienced and bring into your consciousness of your current journey. Ever since the session with Autumn, I have been able to look at my life with a brand new perspective that has assisted my healing in a way I never expected. I highly recommend working with her!

Corey Wheet

Planet and Moon

Autumn is phenomenal! She is very professional and knowledge. She takes the time to really get to know her clients, creating a comfortable and safe environment. If you are on the fence about trying one of the modalities offered, Autumn is great about explaining the whole process and she will answer your questions, so you can make an educated decision that the modality you choose is right for you. I highly recommend her for QHHT and hypnotherapy sessions. The results I have had from my sessions with her have been truly life changine. I encourage you to give Autumn a try.

Tania McCabe

Illuminated Flower Bud

From the moment I met this woman, I was struck by her warmth and compassion. The hypnotherapy sessions are incredibly powerful and her voice is soothing and reassuring. She is incredibly attuned to my emotional state and always knows just the right questions to ask to help me move forward. She has gently guided me towards a greater understanding of myself and of my purpose in life. Autumn does not just help you answer the questions that you have, she equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to continue growing and evolving on your own. I cannot recommend Autumn highly enough. If you are searching for a hypnotherapist who is skilled, understanding, compassionate, and truly committed to helping you achieve your goals, look no further.

Roxanne Cunningham

Sitting on a Bench


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