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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT is a powerful and effective healing method developed and perfected by Dolores Cannon. A client is gently guided into a deep state of relaxation, known as the somnambulistic state. From there they have access to the all knowing part of themselves referred to as The Higher Self, The Subconscious, The Soul, Their Guardian Angel, Intuition, The Collective Consciousness, and Oversoul. This part of themselves is able to provide clarity and perspective on the current challenges, health issues, concerns, and confusion that the client may be experiencing and how it relates to their path and purpose. The client is able to access the emotional roots and causes of their issues and move forward and release what has been holding them back. This allows the client to heal and step into their true power of purpose. Each session is as unique as the individual, which is why it is so powerful. All of the knowing and healing come from within.

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QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body and mind need a little help. That’s where my services come in. As an experienced QHHT Practitioner, I work with you to restore your balance and connect with your Higher Self.


QHHT Session Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a powerful technique developed by the late Dolores Cannon. She pioneered and perfected this healing modality over her 45 year historic career. Dolores and her daughter Julia Cannon have continued this legacy and certified hundreds of practitioners across the globe in QHHT.

Each session lasts between 5 -7 hours, and follows a general outline. However each clients experience is as unique as their own fingerprint. A client comes to a session with a pre written list of questions, usually about 15-20, that they are seeking answers to. There are usually 2 categories, Life/Personal and Health/Wellness. The first part of the session is the opportunity for me to truly get to know you. Your entire session is completely confidential. By you opening up to me, I can learn what you are seeking. Therefore later, when you are in a deep state of relaxation, I know how to help guide you to the answers and healing that you are looking for. We will talk about the all knowing part of ourselves that is often referred to as The Higher Self, Subconscious, and Collective Consciousness. It is that part of ourselves that has infinite knowledge and perspective. This is the beautiful part of ourselves that is always guiding us, but not always acknowledged.

After you and I have had a nice long chat we will begin the hypnosis part of the session.

This part of the session will be recorded because every person has varying degrees of awareness during the process. Some are completely aware, others have only a slight memory of the entire session. I will gently guide you into deep relaxation by telling you a story and asking you to visualize some things. You will trust and say the first thing that comes into your mind when I ask you a question. Your Higher Self will show you one of your other lives that has answers to the questions that you seek. It may take you anywhere, to a past life, present life, or future life. Wherever or whenever it brings you, there are answers there that your Higher Self wants you to see. After it shows you this i will ask to speak with it on your behalf. 

I will ask the questions that you came with. You are still trusting the first thing that comes into your head, and you are allowing the beautiful gift of your voice to speak. As the practitioner I feel a huge shift of energy in the room. The best way I can describe it would be infinite flow. As I ask your questions your higher self will show you the roots of where your issues began. They will take you to the emotional place that it is stored and either release it for you immediately if it no longer serves you, or tell you how you can release it later if you are still learning something from it.  Your Higher Self sees your challenges as "The catalyst for evolution" and will guide you on the best way to evolve. It will give you the guidance to step into your purpose. I will ask your Higher Self to scan your body if it is appropriate and tell me what it finds. It speaks not in diagnoses, but instead in energy blocks. It can identify the root cause of the block and release it of give you the guidance on how to release it. After I have gone through all of your questions i will gently bring you back to full consciousness.

From there we will discuss your session. This is usually a time of great clarity and understanding as you begin to put into place the knowledge that you received.  You can now choose to connect to that part of yourself that is all knowing, and trust the guidance you receive. You can choose act upon what your Higher Self has shown you.  We always have the free will to shape our universe. It is my hope that you will choose to heal and step into your power. I will give you the tape so that you can hear over and over how truly unique and guided you are.

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About Autumn

I am Autumn Star Serino a Level Two QHHT Practitioner based in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. Yes, there is more to New York then New York City! Shocking I know. I believe that every person has the divine right to live a life of joy and abundance on this beautiful planet. I am passionate about assisting others on their path to complete harmony with themselves. This work has strengthened my belief that we all have unique gifts that are meant to be shared and seen. I believe that I can help anyone gain a clearer connection to their Higher Self, and step confidently into their power and purpose.
I have always felt that I came to this life to help others. Most of my life I worked in the restaurant industry, serving, bartending, and managing. i was constantly studying and learning from the huge amount of people that you come in contact with. That industry gave me a paid education in humanity and the power of kindness. I was also constantly learning energy work, healing modalities, philosophy, religion, and mother nature. I couldn't see how I was supposed to incorporate all of my passions into a life filled with abundance, joy, and purpose. 
When my son began school I committed 1 1/2 hours a day to myself. I walked the dogs in the mountains, meditated on rocks, logs, grassy knolls, pouring rain, and tuned in to myself. Within 4 months the synchronicities and signs led me to Dolores Cannon and QHHT. I immediately feel in love with this beautiful technique she developed, and dove right in.  When I'm not facilitating beautiful sessions you will still find me dancing in the mountains. It's my happy place!



Not sure if a QHHT session will fit your needs? Take a look at what some of my past clients have said about their experiences with me.


Bridget Hinman Owner of Unicorn Square

I stumbled on Dolores Cannon’s work while sewing fairies on the island of Maui 2015 or 2016 and fell in love with her work. I watched every youtube video and read many of her books. Absolutely fascinating; truly a visionary and pioneer. While I always wanted a session for myself the stars never aligned, then Autumn who I had met years ago came into my shop and asked if I ever heard of QHHT. My eyeballs nearly popped out of my head at what synchronicity was occurring. 

Immediately we booked a session and although I followed Delores I was not sure what to expect. Autumn and the entire process was incredibly comfortable and professional. She has excellent intuition to guide you during the session. 

I listen to my recording often and each time pick up a pearl of wisdom from my subconscious who by the way is hilarious. The information I received offered confirmation of what I had an idea of and also brought much knowledge into my awareness. 

We have been conditioned to always look outside of our ourselves for answers and this modality shifts to truly searching for answers/information from within. 

I highly recommend Autumn and look forward to hosting past life group sessions at Unicorn Square! 
These are the most exciting times to be living in!!!!

Lilly in Hand

Audre E Golewski Artist, Life Coach

There are not enough superlatives to describe my QHHT session with Autumn. The entire 6 hours she was very professional but warm and assuring. When she came I had only met her a couple of times. When she left she was a dear friend. This being my very first experience with past life regression, I was unsure what to expect. For quite some time however, I have been on a quest to discover my life's purpose. During this incredible journey I was given validation that I am indeed on my path and I was awakened to all the events and synchronicities that have been happening to me. At the end of the session I was transformed into a different person. I know that I am more powerful than I ever realized and I am here to speak my truth and make the world a better place. My deepest gratitude to you, Autumn. 

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Corey Wheet, LAc, DOM

My experience with Autumn was one I will never forget. Not only is she great at holding space for you but she also gives you an unbiased insight into your life. The QHHT session is a rare opportunity to have a glimpse into your past lives that your soul has experienced and bring into your consciousness the purpose of your current journey. Ever since the session with Autumn, I have been able to look at my life with a brand new persepective that has assisted my healing in a way I never expected. I highly recommend working with her! 



I’m Here for You

Below are answers to my clients’ frequently asked questions. If there is something I’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to ask. For more information, get in touch. I look forward to meeting you soon.

What to expect from your session?

Please come with an open mind and heart, this will allow you to have a day of complete relaxation. Most people write a list of questions that they are seeking clarification and answers to. They normally make two categories, life/personal and health/body. We will discuss your lifes journey and the bigger part of yourself that has been with you this entire time. Some people refer to it as the Subconscious, Higher Self, or Universal Consciousness. We will discuss how i will guide you into a deep state of relaxation from where you will be shown  either a past, present, or future life. Your Higher Self will take you to where your answers lie as you allow yourself to go relax. After about an hour I will gently ask to speak with your Higher Self. By allowing your Higher Self to use your voice you will receive the answers to the questions that you came with. I will record the entire hypnosis portion session so that you can listen back to it and continue to gain insight. I gently bring you back up and discuss any questions that you may have.

How to prepare for your session?

* Prepare a list of questions you would like your High Self (subconscious or however you term the collective consciousness we are tapping into) to answer. Make one list of physical/health questions you have and another separate list of personal/life questions you want answered. Bring these with you to your session. I don’t need to see them ahead of time. If you have a long list of questions please put your most important questions at the top of each list. My goal is to get every question answered but we work with a two hour window where you are hypnotized. In that time frame I am inducing you, exploring past lives/other experiences, and accessing your High Self to answer questions and then bringing you out. Please print or write out neatly your list of questions; please don’t bring the list on a device like your phone or iPad.

* Your intention to having a great session is key! Once you have made the decision to have a QHHT session, already your High Self is preparing and getting ready to have a wonderful conversation with you. Your conscious self needs to be reminded that it will be taking a back seat in this experience. Dolores calls the conscious self the ‘stupid self’ because it thinks it knows everything (ego) and really knows very little (in the grand story of your soul’s experiences). Start repeating to yourself several times a day that you connect to your High Self easily. Note: not that you WILL but that you DO.

* If you meditate, do so the morning or day of your appointment to help clear your mind. If you don’t meditate, then do something that puts you in a calm place like taking a walk or listening to some soothing music.

* The night before & the day of your session don’t drink alcohol. Eliminate or limit your use of caffeine the day of your session. If you normally have 3 cups of coffee in the morning, try just having one or don’t drink caffeine after the morning.

* Eat well but light before you come in. Our session could go 6 hours or longer.

* Your session will be audio-recorded. You may remember some, all or nothing of your session while you were hypnotized so a recording is great and actually important to your process after we meet. The more you hear yourself, the more easily the changes can stick. If you have your own recording device, feel free to bring it.

* Your session is a private session. Even though spouses/partners/friends want to be with you to witness this amazing event it is a place where you need to feel completely safe that your confidentiality in all matters is observed. Because of this, no one else is allowed in your session. You may share your recording or any memories or thoughts at your discretion.

* We’ll talk about how easy it is allow yourself to be guided by me into this peaceful, relaxed state. We’ll talk about your High Self, Subconscious, this aspect of you that knows everything about you, loves you unconditionally and has support and knowledge to help you move forward in your life in the best way possible.

* You will be guided to 1-3 past lives or other experiences. Your High Self picks which ones to show you so that you can best understand and answer the questions you have. Once we are finished looking at your past lives/other experiences we will bring forth your High Self. This is where amazing, deep insight and healing occur. I can personally tell you that to ‘be in’ the energy of your High Self is like being in Divine Love, it is big!!! Your High Self and I will go through your list of questions and in most cases get answers for each one!

* I have been trained by Dolores Cannon who had perfected her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique for over 45 years. I have also been trained by Julia Cannon, Dolores's daughter who continues in her mothers legacy. 

* I personally have witnessed physical and emotional healing and watched as a clients struggles’ were made understandable and then dissipated which allowed them to move on in their life in a much happier and healthier way. Please note that your practitioner is not doing the healing. YOU are healing yourself in this guided experience.

* The power of this experience is that it is YOU (the High Self) telling YOU (the conscious self) what the root causes and issues are and how the healing is occurring. I am only the facilitator and your assistant in this process.

* If you have questions about how a session works please feel free to contact me. If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible. I only book one appointment a day to ensure that all needed time and attention is given to each client.

* You can pay at the time of your appointment with check or cash.

* My intention is to assist you to receive the information you seek so that you can have a very happy and focused life. I will do everything in our power to work for your greater good and give you the tools you need to move forward in your life in a happy, insightful and productive way. I am simply your guide to show you that all answers lie within and are accessible by YOU!

Written by Suzanne Spooner QHHT Level 3 Practitioner

Anything I should do before my session?

Please watch Suzanne Spooners video about how to prepare for your session. It really helps you to have the best experience. Come comfortably dressed, with an open mind.

What is the fee for a session?

A session is $250 for the entire day. A session generally between 5 to 7 hours. I only schedule one session a day so that I can fully devote my time and energy to you. I also offer flexible payment plans. Please feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries.


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