Starry Sky

Sound Bath & Meditation with Group Past Life Regression 

Enjoy a fun and relaxing evening beginning with the healing sounds and energy of crystal singing bowls with a light meditation led by Bridget Hinman of Unicorn Square and Eleri Smith of Warrior Remedies. Then join Autumn as she gently guides you using Dolores Cannon’s group regression method. We’ll delve into one or more of our past lives. We’ll align with our Higher Self and the life or lives it brings forth to experience the quantum codes that help heal issues in our current lifetime. The resulting healing and wisdom that is received, is truly remarkable and often changes a life profoundly as one becomes more aligned with their Divine purpose.

These exciting group workshops are a lighthearted way to experience a glimpse of the healing and wisdom of doing a past life regression for yourself.

Join us for this two part series:

May 6th at 6:30pm Group Past Life Regression

May 20th at 6:30pm Meet your Guides and Guardian Angel

Contact Bridget Hinman to rsvp your spot 


$20 per person for each night/ $40 for both evenings

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pencil, & paper and anything else you need to fully relax into this immersive experience (eye masks, etc.)

We look forward to a fun night of connection!!